How IV Therapy Can Help with Weight Loss

IV therapy is an effective, natural way to support your weight loss efforts. By supplying the nutrients that your body needs for high energy levels, a healthy metabolism, and optimal immune function, IV therapy can enhance the results of other weight loss methods. Additionally, by providing nutrients in a 100 percent bioavailable form, you’ll get the maximum benefits from weight loss IV treatment. 

Increase Your Metabolism

Metabolism naturally slows down with age. With a lower metabolism, people burn fewer calories, both while exercising and at rest. The number of calories that you burn per day in relation to the number of calories that you eat is crucial in weight loss, so your metabolism makes a large impact on your ability to lose weight.  (more…)

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Advantages of IV Therapy

IV therapy can help your body look and feel its best with the natural power of vitamins and minerals. There are numerous advantages provided by IV therapy that patients simply can’t achieve with other treatments available today. These advantages include:

100% Bioavailability

Bioavailability refers to the amount of a substance that goes into circulation and has an active impact when introduced to your body. Vitamin supplements can vary in bioavailability, which impacts the portion of nutrients that your body absorbs. When you take a vitamin, your body may not absorb all of the nutrients listed on the bottle.  (more…)

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