How a Simple Hydration IV Can Manage Chronic Fatigue

Chronic FatigueChronic fatigue can hold you back from performing at your best. When you feel tired and sluggish, it can be difficult to carry out your usual activities. While many people may try various treatments and supplements to combat chronic fatigue, the solution to this problem is often as simple as hydration. 

Hydration IV therapies provide a powerful push of hydration directly to the bloodstream. This rapidly hydrates the body so that patients feel near-immediate relief from fatigue, muscle weakness, and trouble focusing.  

The Link Between Hydration and Fatigue

Your body needs water to carry nutrients to cells and remove waste products. However, your body is continually losing water when you sweat, urinate, and even when you breathe. So, it’s crucial to hydrate frequently throughout the day to retain optimal bodily function. 

Dehydration causes blood volume to drop which forces the heart to work harder to deliver oxygen and nutrients through the bloodstream to your cells. So, when people are dehydrated, they typically feel tired and weak with a reduced ability to focus. However, by replenishing your body’s natural supply of fluids, you can quickly get rid of the fatigue associated with dehydration. 

Hydration IV for Fatigue

It’s difficult for many people to drink enough water during the day to stay hydrated. So, for those struggling with chronic fatigue, hydration IV therapies are an excellent option. At The IV-Suite, we offer three different hydration IV therapy options: Hydration NS, Hydration LR, and Hydration & Beyond. 

  • Hydration NS

Hydration HS can rapidly hydrate your body to improve your energy levels and cellular health. With either normal saline or lactated ringer, this IV treatment will help you manage chronic fatigue. 

  • Hydration LR

Hydration LR uses lactated ringer to restore the balance of fluid and electrolytes in your body. Lactated ringer is a sterile solution that contains sodium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium lactate, and calcium.

  • Hydration & Beyond

Hydration & Beyond delivers hydration and electrolytes to combat dehydration, fatigue, and even symptoms of jet lag. 

Contact the IV-Suite today to learn more about our hydration IV therapies for chronic fatigue. 

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