Why Choose NAD IV Therapy for Brain Health and Neurological Function?

The aging process can have several adverse effects on the body, one of which being neurological decline. But, with NAD IV therapy, you can improve and preserve the health of your brain without the need for prescription medications!

What is NAD?

NAD, which stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a coenzyme that the body produces naturally. In fact, NAD is found in every cell in the body! However, the body’s production of this coenzyme declines with the natural aging process.

Replenishing NAD levels has been proven to combat the effects of aging, with particular benefits for brain health and neurological function. NAD delivers vital nutrients to brain cells, contributing to healthy brain function.  

The main purpose of NAD is to help the cells’ mitochondria produce energy for the body. So, when your NAD levels are low, the mitochondria doesn’t produce sufficient energy for the cells. This can cause the cells to function poorly, often contributing to common effects of aging like neurological decline. 

NAD Therapy for Improved Brain Health

Supplementing NAD through IV therapy can ensure that your brain cells receive the energy that they need to function optimally. After NAD IV treatment, you may notice higher energy levels, greater mental clarity, and improved mood. The NAD will also be at work supporting brain regeneration for the enduring health of your brain.  

At The IV-Suite, our NAD IV treatment range from 250mg-750mg of NAD + in a sterile solution. This solution is delivered directly to the bloodstream and rapidly absorbed so that your body can make immediate use of the NAD boost. The NAD IV treatment is generally infused over the course of two to four hours, providing fast and optimal results. We also provide our RapidVitamin push after the NAD IV treatment for a dose of 24 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. This will further support your focus and brainpower!

To schedule an appointment for NAD IV therapy, contact The IV-Suite today. 

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