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RapidVitamin Push


A special proprietary blend of 24 vitamins, minerals and amino acids administered by IV push over just 1 minute. Ideal for the busy executive!



Acute or abortive migraine treatment is now possible. Magnesium is a big player and can have a powerful and direct impact on many types of spasmodic pain syndromes, including migraines. This formula designed to relieve symptoms, includes various B vitamins proven to reduce recurrence and speed in the recovery from migraines. Significant relief is often reported within 30-60 minutes.

Magnesium Push


In addition to increasing survival after heart attack, IV magnesium also smoothes out arrhythmias and improves outcomes in patients undergoing angioplasty with stent placement. It is also beneficial for acute asthma attacks, often working to relax airway spasms when drugs do not. Magnesium supplementation is crucial for diabetics; too, because it improves insulin sensitivity, helps blood sugar control, and reduces risk of retinopathy.

The list goes on: Magnesium can also reduce the frequency and severity of migraine headaches, help prevent kidney stones, boost immune function, and protect DNA from carcinogens. Magnesium can even help you sleep. It not only relaxes the muscles, but it also increases the length of restorative slow-wave sleep.


400mg-$40 to 3000mg-$200

Glutathione is a key ingredient and antioxidant. It and can be administered on its own or is the perfect add-on to many IV drips.

PMS Relief


This infusion utilizes magnesium which reduces pain by decreasing muscle spasm in the uterus, along with various other B vitamins and minerals. Relief comes within 30-60 minutes.