Dr. Kalidas, Dr. Amar, and their IV team have given me my health back over and over again! Suffering from chronic Lyme and relapsing horribly after each pregnancy, their integrative approach including nutritional and high dose vitamin C IVs have quickly turned my health from being barely able to function and get out of bed, to now  being able to fully care for my 3 young children – toddler and newborn included! I cannot say enough great things about this practice. The doctors truly take the time to listen to the patient and strive to get to the root of the problem instead of just giving prescr4iptions to treat the symptoms. The giving, wonderful nuses in the IV suite have been amazing throughout the years. Kind, gentle, caring, and compassionate. This practice provides it all. I will forever be grateful to this practice for restoring my quality of life.


Doctor Kalidas has helped me to manage my pain and inflammation. Other doctors misdiagnosed my condition. Dr. Kalidas and his staff have proved invaluable in helping me back to recovery

The ladies in the IV suite have always been gentle and have never hurt me or left any marks on my arms. Thank you Paula and Karla and Synthia.


I want to thank everyone for the excellent care I receive every week. I especially wanted to thank Paula. She is forever knowledgeable, nurturing, caring and giving. I feel customer service is the best feature a business can offer and Paula represents that concept well. Being here is a constant reminder that one is sick but Paula gives you hope by sharing her warmth.


My experience with the IV suite has been very satisfying. The team is always warm, caring, and professional. They go the extra mile by making everyone feel comfortable. The standards here are even higher than the clinic I go to for my bloodwork. I just wish you would open a satellite office closer to New Smyrna.


I have been coming here for two years getting IV Vitamin C. First of all, Paula is absolutely amazing. Her warmth, gentleness, support, and her incredible knowledge that she shares is so comforting and welcoming. Her clinical skills and sterilization techniques are far better than anywhere I have had my port accessed including Moffitt, Florida Hospital, Health South and Labs. She is so gentle and thorough. She never cuts corners sterilizing my port. I ran a clinic with 30 employees and I can see very quickly when employees are happy and successful. Paula is definitely an employee to treasure. She is loyal, definitely a leader and represents this office with the upmost integrity!


I have been a patient here for some time now, and have always received the proper treatment that is tailored to my needs. The staff is outstanding. Always a caring attitude with a smile. My family is now in better health because of the treatment received.

The care received here is a BLESSING to all.


I’ve been a patient of this Center for several months. Every visit has been a very pleasant experience. All the staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and always accommodating in making sure my visit is as comfortable as possible. The level of care I have received here is above any other facility I’ve attended.


My experience in the IV suite has been one of total peace and calm. The soft music and dim lights remove any apprehension regarding the procedure. I found all the staff members to be kind and caring. During my visits I felt totally relaxed and cared for.


The Center for Natural & Integrative Medicine has the best doctors and nursing staff! Dr. K has been nothing short of amazing! Even though we didn’t see the result we wanted (I have chronic Lyme) Dr. K stopped at nothing to give me the best treatment possible!

Also, all 3 IV nurses are the best out there. I’ve been stuck in my arm every day M-F the past 2 months, and I’ve maybe bruised once. Paula, Synthia, and Carla are compassionate, sweet, and very attentive! They make the treatment process so much smoother!

10 out of 10 I highly recommend The Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine!

This is personalized medicine!

From my very first appointment I was treated as an individual, unrushed and with incredible care! One of the advantages of being in an integrative and functional medicine practice is the unique ability Dr. Amar has to listen to your story and tailor your treatment to your individual needs, promoting optimum health.

Dr. Amar’s MA, Denise, is amazing. Any time I have a question she responds quickly and helps me find an answer. I also love the option of sending Dr. Amar a question through the patient portal. I have used it several times and he always responds quickly.

Being a dental professional exposed to heavy metals, I have had the opportunity to visit the IV Suite. Even that has been a pleasant experience! The care given by the nurses is phenomenal.  Synthia, Paula, and Karla are all kind and caring. They make getting an IV simple and painless. They have hot tea, relaxing music, blankets and comfy recliners. Who knew getting an IV could be so relaxing.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Destinee in the supplement room who always takes care of me with a smile. I am grateful for the time, care and energy each person in this practice takes to make my experience special.

This place is a gem!!