Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight With IV Therapy

One of the most popular new year’s resolutions among people today is to lose weight. Whether you want to lose weight to improve your health, enhance your appearance, or both, weight loss is an excellent goal to start out the year with.

Unfortunately, many people ditch their resolution to lose weight soon after the new year begins. For one, it can be difficult to find a weight loss plan that’s sustainable. Additionally, many people don’t receive an adequate amount of nutrients from their diet, which can prevent their metabolism from working as effectively as possible.  (more…)

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Regain Focus With a NAD + Brain Boost

Are you struggling to stay focused and maintain a sharp mind throughout the day? The aging process causes the body to gradually decline, along with your focus and cognitive ability. But, it’s possible to combat these effects of aging with treatments like the NAD + Brain Boost IV treatment. This IV therapy formula is designed specifically to rejuvenate the mind and body for a greater sense of vitality. 

NAD IV Therapy

The NAD + Brain Boost IV treatment starts off with 750 mg of NAD in a sterile solution. NAD is a naturally-occurring enzyme that has rejuvenating benefits; it can enhance the health of your brain by reinvigorating its cellular components, resulting in greater focus, higher energy levels, and improved mood. For people who are having trouble focusing, NAD IV therapy can reduce their reliance on coffee, energy drinks, and other stimulants!  (more…)

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Intravenous Therapy to Support Cancer Treatment

Undergoing cancer treatment is often an extremely taxing process. But, many cancer patients can benefit from intravenous, or IV, therapy. There’s a variety of IV therapies that have been shown to support cancer treatment by alleviating some of the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. This alternative treatment method can also be used to correct hypovitaminosis, which is common among cancer patients. 

How IV Therapy Supports Cancer Treatment


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Why Choose NAD IV Therapy for Brain Health and Neurological Function?

The aging process can have several adverse effects on the body, one of which being neurological decline. But, with NAD IV therapy, you can improve and preserve the health of your brain without the need for prescription medications!

What is NAD?

NAD, which stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a coenzyme that the body produces naturally. In fact, NAD is found in every cell in the body! However, the body’s production of this coenzyme declines with the natural aging process. (more…)

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Boost Your Immune System This Flu and Cold Season With IV Therapy

The flu and cold season is upon us, making it more important than ever for you to protect your health. By working to boost your immunity, you can fend off illness all winter long! One effective way to bolster your immune system throughout the season is with regular IV therapy sessions. 

IV therapy delivers essential vitamins and nutrients directly to your bloodstream. This makes it possible for your body to rapidly absorb and make use of the nutrients. At The IV-Suite, we offer a range of IV drips that can support your immunity this winter, including our Wellness, Vitamin C, and Immunity Drips.  (more…)

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Can Ozone Therapy be the Missing Link to Your Wellness Goals?

If you’re struggling to reach your wellness goals due to chronic disease, you may want to consider alternative treatment methods. Ozone therapy is a powerful treatment that stimulates the immune system, delivers oxygen to the cells, and helps detoxify the entire body. For many chronic conditions, ozone therapy is the key to recovery. 

What’s Involved in Ozone Therapy?

Ozone is a form of oxygen that’s blue in color. Instead of having two oxygen atoms, like normal oxygen, ozone has three oxygen atoms. This additional oxygen atom makes ozone a more potent form of the element with a wide range of healing benefits.  (more…)

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Combat Winter Illness with IV Therapy

During the winter, colds, the flu, and other illnesses are more common than in any other season. With a heightened risk of falling ill during this time of year, it’s important to take excellent care of your body. One way to support your health during the winter is with IV therapy

Oftentimes, the body is more susceptible to illness because of a nutrient deficiency. IV therapy delivers a high concentration of nutrients directly to the bloodstream for quick absorption. This can protect the body against a range of illnesses by giving the immune system the strength it needs to fend off foreign invaders. 

At The IV-Suite, we offer a range of IV therapy formulas to meet different wellness goals, including improved immunity. With the help of IV therapy, you can strengthen and maintain your immune system and keep winter illnesses at bay.  (more…)

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How Booster Shots Help with Weight Loss

Weight lossWeight loss is a goal shared by many, but it can be difficult to attain. Many people struggle to shed pounds despite a diet and exercise regimen, often leading to frustration and discouragement. In this scenario, you may need an extra boost to reach your ideal weight. 

Booster shots can promote weight loss alongside a diet and exercise program, helping people achieve their goals without resorting to extreme or unhealthy measures. By delivering a powerful dose of nutrients, booster shots can give your body the support it needs to shed extra weight. 

Booster Shots for Weight Loss

At The IV-Suite, our selection of booster shots includes the regular Slim Shot and Mega Slim Shot. These booster shots are lipotropic MIC/B12 injections that are administered intramuscularly and, combined with diet and exercise, produce significant weight loss.  (more…)

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How a Simple Hydration IV Can Manage Chronic Fatigue

Chronic FatigueChronic fatigue can hold you back from performing at your best. When you feel tired and sluggish, it can be difficult to carry out your usual activities. While many people may try various treatments and supplements to combat chronic fatigue, the solution to this problem is often as simple as hydration. 

Hydration IV therapies provide a powerful push of hydration directly to the bloodstream. This rapidly hydrates the body so that patients feel near-immediate relief from fatigue, muscle weakness, and trouble focusing.  

The Link Between Hydration and Fatigue

Your body needs water to carry nutrients to cells and remove waste products. However, your body is continually losing water when you sweat, urinate, and even when you breathe. So, it’s crucial to hydrate frequently throughout the day to retain optimal bodily function.  (more…)

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Benefits of IV Therapy for PMS

Benefits of IV TherapyDealing with symptoms of PMS can significantly disrupt your daily routine. Fatigue, mood swings, cramps, and other symptoms can make it difficult to get through the day. Thankfully, IV therapy is available as a natural solution to symptoms of PMS. With this holistic treatment, you can achieve relief from PMS and get back to your favorite activities, no matter what week in your cycle it is. 

What is PMS?

PMS, or premenstrual syndrome, refers to the symptoms that occur approximately a week or two before a woman’s period. Most women experience PMS to some degree, and it can involve symptoms including: (more…)

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