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The only IV Suite staffed with Board Certified Physicians on site.
Come in to be infused with health and wellbeing!
Relax, Rejuvenate, Balance and Nourish

Why IV?

Vitamins and minerals straight to your cells without the wait!

IV therapy infuses vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream with 100% bioavailability delivering the valuable nutrients your body needs.

  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Maintain healthy muscles, bones, teeth, skin & hair
  • Reduce tiredness & fatigue
  • Promote normal functioning of the nervous system
  • Protect cells from oxidative stress

Why Us?

  • Board Certified Physicians on site at all times.
  • Trained, licensed and registered nurses compound your personalized IV and IM shots under a
    laminar flow hood to maintain highest standard.
  • Every bag, injection and treatment is prepared fresh right before you receive it.
  • Naturally-derived bio-available nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids utilized.
  • Individualized to your needs.
  • Safe and effective

Reset, Detox, Energize, and get back to your optimum self quickly.


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Our treatment is suitable for everyone from stressed and overworked executives, to athletes and those dedicated to operating at optimum fitness, to older patients wanting to improve nutritional absorption. A number of patients also visit us in order to feel fit and well while undergoing medical treatments.

We offer uniquely customized IV blends that deliver a wide range of nutritional benefits and target specific health and immune deficiencies.

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What happens on the day of your Appointment?

Step 1

Consultation with our highly experienced IV Team
  1. Brief questionnaire and complementary consultation with
    one of our trained RNs.
  2. Your needs are discussed and the best IV treatment
    option for you is determined.
  3. The order is written and you are escorted to the IV-Suite.
  4. Ozone, Chelation, IV Antibiotics orders are only written
    upon a 30 minute consultation with Dr. Amar Kalidas or
    Dr. Kirti Kalidas.

Step 2

Relax and Enjoy your IV Therapy

Your treatment may take

  1. Just a few minutes for an injection or a rapid push
  2. 30-60 minutes for most IV drips
  3. Up to 3 hours for specialized IV drips
Patient care and safety is at the heart of everything we do

Order our natural health supplements

You can order premium-strength natural health supplements from us online, delivered straight to your door that are safe to use in the comfort of your home, while still providing high levels of efficacy.

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Same day appointments available.

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