How IV Therapy Can Help With Detoxing

Human bodies are subjected to a multitude of toxins every single day. From environmental factors like air pollution to effects from the foods that you eat, your body is under constant attack from toxins.

When you want to get rid of those toxins, IV therapy can help. For detoxing, we administer IV glutathione—a powerful antioxidant found mostly in the brain and liver. For best results, an IV with a mix of antioxidants, vitamins, and amino acids is administered first through an IV, followed by a glutathione push. 

Your Detoxing Benefits

The benefits of detoxing through IV therapy are numerous.

If you’re looking to lose weight, a detox IV may be just the jumpstart you need. It can set the stage for a fresh, new start on your weight loss journey. 

If you’re older, the detox IV can help enhance memory. And because glutathione is naturally produced in the brain and liver, an infusion naturally helps not only brain function but also liver function. 

How Does Glutathione Help?

Glutathione levels decrease in the body as you get older. A concentrated IV can battle the harsh effects that pollution, stress, the aging process, trauma, prescription drugs, and a poor diet have done to your body over time. 

Our detox IV helps to repair the oxidative cell damage that’s been done in your body. It helps to balance the free radicals in your system. Glutathione, the key ingredient, has been proven to repair DNA, helping to heal your body from a number of diseases. 

The detox IV works at a cellular level. For this reason, many chemotherapy patients have chosen to use IV therapy to help them recover after their treatments. 

While Glutathione can be found in certain foods, like fruits, veggies, and meat, IV therapy with glutathione can deliver a more concentrated amount, delivering outstanding results in a smaller period of time.

Get Started with IV Therapy

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