How Vitamins Benefit Your Skin

Maintaining healthy, glowing skin goes beyond the products that you slather on your skin. The vitamins that you receive through food are essential to skin health. 

When your diet doesn’t provide the vitamins that you need for optimal skin, IV therapy can bridge the gap. During IV therapy, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are delivered directly to your bloodstream for fast, effective absorption. 

The following vitamins can provide key benefits for the health of your skin:

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the key vitamins used to improve skin health, both topically and systemically. It provides powerful antioxidant properties and, as a result, can effectively protect the skin against photodamage and premature aging from UV radiation.

Additionally, vitamin C has been found to increase collagen synthesis. Collagen is an essential, naturally-occurring protein that helps keep the skin strong, firm, and smooth.  

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is naturally found in your skin’s natural oil, known as sebum. It helps form the skin’s protective moisture barrier. Additionally, vitamin E contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. So, it can help ease redness and irritation while reducing UV-related damage to the skin. 

B Vitamins

B vitamins support the health of numerous systems and organs in the body, including the skin. One of the key functions of B vitamins is to aid in cell growth and regeneration. So, for the health of your skin, B vitamins help your skin develop new, healthy skin cells to replace damaged cells. This results in brighter, healthier, and more resilient skin.


Glutathione is technically an antioxidant. However, we include it along with other vitamins in IV therapy for skin health due to its potent beauty benefits. It can be used to diminish pigmentation and discoloration, as well as signs of aging. Glutathione gives the skin a brighter, healthier appearance overall. 

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