Immune Boosters To Beat Those Pesky Colds

During winter, we can all benefit from an immune boost. This year, skip the pesky colds and keep your immune system at its best with our booster shot services. Booster shots are a quick and effective treatment for a variety of health concerns, including a weak immune system. 

At The IV-Suite, our Methyl B12 Vitamin Shot and vitamin D Shot can help your immune system fight off colds and other infections throughout winter.

Methyl B12 Vitamin Shot

Vitamin B12 deficiency is more common than you might think. That’s because vitamin B12 is found in dairy, meat, and fish, which many people don’t eat. Smoking and frequently drinking alcohol can also diminish your vitamin B12 levels. But, this vitamin plays a critical role in immune function by making sure that the immune system receives plenty of oxygen. If you don’t have enough vitamin B12, your body will be more susceptible to illness. 

The Methyl B12 Vitamin Shot can restore your levels of vitamin B12 to increase your resistance to colds and other infections. 

Vitamin D Shot

Vitamin D deficiency is another common vitamin deficiency. Few foods contain high amounts of vitamin D, and your body produces it when you’re exposed to the sun. Working indoors, wearing sunscreen, and avoiding the sun can lead to vitamin D deficiency. 

Your immune system needs vitamin D to regulate immune cell activity. A deficiency in this vitamin can diminish your overall well-being, as well as your resistance to illness. The vitamin D Shot can provide a quick boost to your immune system while helping you beat stress and fatigue. 

To learn more about our booster shot services and how they can help strengthen your immune system this winter, schedule an appointment at The IV-Suite today!